May 20th & 21st 
Ray Maass Memorial 
Snook, TX
(New Covered Arena)

Saturday, May 20th
9am- #2
10am- 16 & Under
Noon- 13 & Under
2pm- #4
2pm- 70 & Over roping
*The #4 & 70 & Over Roping will run at the same time- start with a round of the #4, then a round of the 70+.
Sunday, May 21st
9am- **Sunday Morning Special Roping** #6 $1000 added- 3 & a short for $300
11am- 20 & Under
1pm- Open Roping
*All Ropings 2 and a short for $200 except #6 Special
*$50 bonus pot for incentives
-Average buckles will be awarded in each roping!
*You can only enter each roping once.
*Optional side pot available for #1, #3, and #5 ropings for $50 with 100% payback.
*Ropers must be 21 years of age on the day of the roping to rope in numbered ropings.
*Ropers will be numbered 1-6 based on ability.
*Ropings guaranteed not to start before time listed.
*Only using one arena.

Premier Calf Roping